What tools do you need to build a quick website?

At the end of January 2021 Indie Hackers (@Indiehackers) tweeted – Now with 145 responses from their nearly 60,000 followers this is a piece of research you can get behind. Other aspects that make sense in building a quick website is that they include hosting, custom domain support, a variety of themes and integration support […]

Best tools for first time community builders?

Twitter is a great place to find opinions on business and marketing tools that work and those that may be out of favour. Obviously it does depend on the user case but reading tweet based opinions can be very informative. Here is Sam Parr, CEO of The Hustle’s thoughts on whether Slack is a good […]

Solid research into what’s hot and what’s not?

Prolific investor Jason Calacanis (@calacanis) recently tweeted asking what indispensable SaaS products his followers had started using in 2021, while also asking what SaaS products they had stopped using. It proves for interesting reading and in my mind provides insight into what tools people are really using to help streamline their business and marketing tasks. […]

What is a Marketing Stack?

A Marketing Stack (MS) is a collection of digital and SaaS tools that an individual or company uses to help drive their marketing strategy. Traditionally this includes Content management Systems (CMS), Email Marketing Platforms (EMP), Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) tools, social media sharing tools, web and visitor analytics. These MS components can be seen as […]